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    Rent or purchase our complete instructional to help calm, soothe and nurture your baby! Changing The World One Massaged Baby At A Time!

    There is a lot of information on the web these days concerning pregnancy, birthing, and mothering. So many web sites, articles to read, magazines
    telling you do this, don’t do that. It can become overwhelming and sometimes the information is conflicting.

    In helping you to achieve the best possible pregnancy experience, I’ve taken my 14 years of listening to your concerns, talking and massaging you through your fears and giving my best advice from what I’ve learned as a Certified Prenatal/postpartum massage therapist and Labor support doula and put everything I’ve learned and continue to learn on my Massage a Mom web site.

    Learn why having regular prenatal massage during pregnancy is so important for you and for baby. How having a Doula at your birth takes the experience to a whole new level. Especially if you are planning a non-medicated birth!

    I put together the perfect prenatal exercise video, using the Fit Ball. Every preggo needs to geton the ball! To stretch, roll and relax the body. These exercises also help you to prepare for childbirth. Safe for every level, even if you have never worked out before this is the perfect time to start.

    Tips for an easier labor & delivery experience. The best all natural foot soak for tired or swollen feet. Books and products that I believe are essential to comfort and nurture you through this experience. The importance of infant massage and the long term benefits for baby. How to better take care of mommy after the baby arrives. Don’t forget about mommy!

    I hope you enjoy all the advice, the videos, all my information, hopefully some inspiration, and all that I think is important for you to know. Wishing you the best possible experience, and the speediest delivery! And always remember when mommy is happy, everyone is happy!

    Enjoy the site!
    MaryLou xoxo


    Infant Massage Interview

    See how one of our happy customers uses infant massage to develop special bonds with her baby:

    How to Massage A Mom

    Get On The Ball

    Fresh Ginger Root Foot Soak

    The Comfort Measure

    Self-Care For Forearms!

    Self-Care For Posture!

    Don’t Resist The Resistance Bands & Don’t Forget About Mommy!

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